A story of a boy who continues to inspire everyone around him.

Dear Supporters,

Our son, Rocco Antonino Joseph was a beautiful, healthy boy who brought joy to all who knew him.  He was smart, funny, and inquisitive.  He was adored and loved by his family and friends, and by anyone that met him. He loved playing in the park, going to the beach, playing with his sister and cousins, riding in his red wagon, and being pushed in his blue car.  He never entered or left a room without hugging his family.


On September 2, 2017, our lives were forever changed.  At just 2 and a half years old, Rocco’s life ended tragically when he was struck by a carelessly driven vehicle.  This occurred in an area considered a safe haven for children and our family, a private beach community.  The cause of death was blunt trauma to his brain.  As Rocco’s mother and a Pediatric Critical Care physician, I was the first one at his side after he was struck.  I initiated CPR, using all the skills that I learned and used throughout my career which have helped to save other children’s lives; I tried my hardest to save my son.  I will always remember hearing his beautiful first cry when he was born on March 16, 2015, and will never forget seeing and feeling his last breath on my face right before he entered eternal life as our angel in heaven. 

We do not want the memory of our son’s beautiful life to be framed by this terrible tragedy. Instead, we hope to carry on Rocco’s legacy of love and kindness by transforming the lives of sick children and providing comfort and healing to grieving families. 

By becoming involved in the Baby Rocco Foundation, you are directly helping the wellbeing of all children and the ongoing support that their family will need.  With your involvement, there is no limit to how many children will benefit from our combined efforts. 

With much love and gratitude,

The Cangemi Family


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